The Dino Pet | Bioluminescent Dinosaur Pet

The Dino Pet was created by Yonder Biology and it is intended to be a teaching tool that will introduce children to biology. It is a clear, dinosaur shaped toy made of plastic and packed with bioluminescent algae which are known to glow in the dark, providing a great visual effect.

The name Dino Pet comes partly from the dinosaur-like shape, and partly from the name of the actual algae – dinoflagellates. These are also what the things that provide the glow, since they emit light when shaken.

Now calling this a pet may sound a bit too much, but when you take into consideration the facts that this pet is easy to take care of, not toxic and provides loads of fun, and even shows that it is satisfied with the treatment by emitting a brighter light. Perfect for children.

The container is made of polyethylene-based plastic which gives the sharpest glowing effect. The expiring date, provided that the pet is taken care of properly is only three months, but adding not very expensive nutrients can extend their life significantly. [via]

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