The Deck | Flexible Wine and Goblet Holder

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If you’re the type of person who loves modern life hacks and kitchen gadgets, you’ll love The Deck – Flexible Wine and Goblet Holder. This item is designed by Studio Leene from Taiwan and it can hold up to three wine bottles and a number of wine glasses at a time. It’s made of recycled paper so it’s eco-friendly and it’s foldable so it can easily fit into a kitchen drawer when you’re done using it. Besides being highly practical, this two-part kitchen gadget is also a true conversational piece.

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The Deck is made from recycled Hives-paper and it’s meant for one of a kind user experience. The design consists of two parts, a wine bottle holder, and a goblet holder. The dimensions of the bottle holder are 26cm in length, 27cm in width, and 4.8cm in depth when folded. The dimensions of the folded glass holder part are 31.5cm in length, 27cm in width, and 4.8cm in depth. The clean looking wood finish and groundbreaking design are something you could definitely get used to.

Deck Goblet Holder, closed and extended with glasses hung in it, on a kitchen worktop.

The Deck’s made from recycled Hives-paper and it features an elegant wood finish.

The flexibility of the construction is one of its main benefits as you can easily and quickly set it up when you need it or get it out of your way if you need more kitchen space. The Deck features a combined MDF and PVC skin so it’s quite durable, substantial, and sophisticated. This high-quality kitchen utility is completely safe to use and the unusual and extremely practical design are bound to draw your guests’ attention. Simply pull it out to set it up, fill it with wine bottles and glasses, and let the party begin.

Deck Wine Holder on a kitchen worktop, closed and empty, and extended and filled with three wine bottles.

The Deck has a combined MDF and PVC skin which makes it durable and sophisticated.

The innovative, flexible, and eco-friendly design of the Deck’s completely up-to-date and has all the potential to become a part of every modern home. If you’re a wine lover, this wine bottle holder and goblet holder’s a perfect tool for improving the atmosphere of your evenings with friends or your loved one. It’s very simple to use and it was designed to elegantly serve you until you decide it’s time to get it out of the way. It’s also easily extendable and foldable using just two hands so you won’t need any tools at all. This gadget is safe and quiet to use and it doesn’t take up much room.

**Check out the Kickstarter campaign here for special, limited-time-only pricing

Deck Wine and Goblet Holder, folded and extended on a kitchen worktop.

The Deck doesn’t take much space when it’s folded and it can be extended easily, quickly and quietly with just two hands.

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