The Best Jewelry to Buy for Every Occasion

Everyone deserves to receive some new sparkle during the holidays!

 If you’re the one doing the gifting, however, it can be hard to choose the perfect gift. While choosing jewelry is usually about the tastes and preferences of the person you’re shopping for, there are a couple of jewelry gifts that are classic for every holiday. 

If you need some help choosing your next gift, our guide will walk you through the best jewelry to buy for every occasion. Find out the jewelry you should gift for the next birthday, anniversary or graduation! 

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  1. Heart- Shaped Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Share the love next V-day by gifting your partner a romantic piece of heart-shaped jewelry. Although hearts are a timeless motif for Valentine’s Day, you can wear heart-shaped jewelry year-round making it the perfect gift. 

From rings to bracelets to earrings, there’s a lot of heart-shaped choices out there. If you’re having a hard time deciding, go for a minimalist design in gold or silver that will match a wide variety of personal styles. 

  • Gemstones for a Birthday

Since every birthday month has a gemstone associated with it, giving a piece of gemstone jewelry is a powerful way to let someone connect with their birth month. Each gemstone also has a personality trait associated with it making it a fun and meaningful gift!

First, discover the birthday gemstone of the person you’re buying for. Many months have two stones, so pick the one you think matches best with the personal style of the person receiving the gift. Then, choose a piece of unique jewelry featuring that gemstone. If you don’t find anything like you like, remember that most jewelers can personalize a new piece! 

  • Diamonds for Christmas

Few things are as memorable as unwrapping a new diamond at Christmas. On top of the sentimental value, diamonds are always in style and they make a meaningful heirloom for generations to come. 

 The best part? Each diamond is truly unique since an individual diamond’s characteristics can never be duplicated. What better way to show that special someone you care than with a one-of-a-kind piece! 

  • Personalized Jewelry for Graduations

Celebrate this special accomplishment with a piece of personalized jewelry. Customize a watch or bracelet with their graduation year or choose a watch and have a special message engraved inside the box. A personalized piece of jewelry makes a great graduation gift that allows you to commemorate this special occasion for years to come. Cute small gold earrings designs are also a popular gift idea for a daughter’s graduation.

  • Traditional Jewelry for Anniversaries

Did you know that there are certain anniversary gifts that are traditional for each year of marriage? 

  • In the first year of marriage, you should always gift your partner gold to commemorate all the happy memories you make during your first year
  • A ten year anniversary is always celebrated with a diamond gift. A diamond ring is a popular choice since it’s so reminiscent of a diamond wedding band!
  • The official gemstone of 20th anniversaries is emeralds. Thanks to their beautiful green hue, emeralds are the jewelry of royalty and are used to celebrate reaching such an important milestone with your partner. 

While it’s hard to go wrong with giving a traditional piece of anniversary jewelry, don’t ignore the personal style of the gift recipient. Emeralds may be the gift of the 20th anniversary, but it’s okay to pick your own stone if your loved one isn’t into green stones. 

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