The Best Features to Look for in Wix Templates

Websites are a great tool to establish a brand image online amongst your audience. A well-designed website draws the attention of your target audience and keeps them engaged.

On average, users take about 5 seconds to form an opinion of your website, and 94% of those first impressions result from the design elements you use.
That is where options like UPQODE Wix Templates come into the picture. Using these templates, you can create a distinct personality for your website, leveraging the pre-designed elements at your disposal. You can choose a template of your choice and follow the same design principle, or go all out and customize the template according to your vision.

What are WIX Templates?

Wix is a web designing platform wherein you create websites using different designing tools without needing the knowledge to code. You don’t need to worry about installing additional software or hosting. All will be taken care of by Wix. You can create and manage your website online through Wix.

Wix offers its users over 800 designer-made website templates. These templates are available for free and in paid modes. They are designed for user convenience. They are easy to use and customize. Using the drop and drag feature, you can have your website running in minutes. You can also save up on costs by using free templates by Wix.

The Best Features to Look for in Wix Templates

Template Designs

Wix offers several professional-looking design templates for different types of businesses. The templates are created to meet the expectations of the field they are to be used in. For example, real estate templates will have a generous image gallery to showcase different properties.

Other niches of Wix templates include photography, health and fitness, technology, consultancy, wedding, automobile, wellness, portfolio, CV, and much more. Each template is designed with thorough market research. The page’s style, design elements, effects, images, and texts are all placed per market trends.

Choosing one of the best UPQODE Wix Templates can understandably be an overwhelming task. You could first narrow down your requirement to a specific niche and then start looking for industry-specific templates. Although this is just a recommendation, you could always pick any template of your choice and customize it as per your requirement.

Different Website Builders

Wix offers three different website building tools depending on the subscription you choose:

• Wix Editor
• Wix ADI
• Velo by Wix

You are given a choice between Editor and ADI when you first start using Wix. Each builder has different features to offer its users. For example, with ADI, you can design a website with no IT skills. With Velo, you could go all in and code advanced web applications.


Present a professional image to your audiences, even if you are a small business, with personalized emails that match your website domain. You can buy email mailboxes from Wix, or you could simply configure the DNS settings to choose an email address of your choice.

Social Media

Wix templates offer design components wherein all your social media handles can be placed together. You can customize the icons to keep them in line with the design principles of your website. This is an essential feature as you are offering the audience the convenience of viewing your complete online presence under one roof.

Member Login

It is the small details that make a website stand out from the crowd. Member logins are an excellent way to control access to your website. Using this feature, you can offer audiences exclusive membership to premium content.

For example, if you are a food blogger and users are paying you for exclusive recipes, you can implement the program using the same website by adding the member login.


If you are new to the realm of eCommerce, Wix offers a straightforward solution to get you started with your online store. Different components like a shopping portal, payment options, tracking, sorting through products, dropshipping apps are available.

App Market

The Wix App Market has over 250 different apps to leverage to improve your website’s functionality. Some of these apps are created by Wix, others by third-party developers. You can use smart pop us, track user activities, implement a reward program, manage ads and social media, and play music using these apps.

Using Wix Templates, tools, and other apps, you can customize a website to your heart’s content. Wix templates are designed by specialists and powered by market research to help you stand out from the competition in the marketplace. Select a template and get building your website today.

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