The Best Casino Games for Beginners in Portugal

Your first trip to a casino can be overwhelming. You will be met by hundreds of slot machines, table games, and video games, and you may be spoilt for choice. You may not have all the time to try all the games that are offered in a typical casino.

Are all the games in a casino in Portugal the same? No. Some games depend purely on luck, while others require strategy. What are some of the games that will fit beginners? We linked up with our gaming expert Victoria Oliveira, (check profile), to share with us the best games to play at casino as a beginner:


They are some of the most popular games that you will find in both online and land-based casinos. Slots were initially added to casinos to keep players busy as they waited for table game chances to open up. However, players fell in love with them repeatedly, and casino owners were forced to make them part of the establishments.

Slot machines vary in designs, sizes and games offered. Some slots allow you to place small bets as low as $0.001, while others accept $100 as the lowest stake. You are likely to find traditional slot games as well as modern games with the latest graphics.

As a beginner, the only decision is the amount you will stake and then it is all about pushing the play button. Winning on a slot machine is purely based on luck, and you may even hit the jackpot. Just ensure that you gamble at reputable sites in Portugal such as those reviewed at Jogos casino online with genuine software.


It is one of the best choices if you are looking for a table game with simplicity. There are three choices when playing this game; Player, Tie, and Banker. All you need to do is to make a choice on each hand, and then cards will fall wherever they may.

Beginners are mostly advised to bet on the Player. You can bet on the Banker as it has a slight advantage, but it comes at a cost. Baccarat has a house edge of about 1.5%, which is a good deal for players. Check free resources on how to play Baccarat before risking your money.

Video poker

You may mistake the machines used for video poker with those you find on slots. However, these are two different games that apply different strategies. Experienced players have an easy time making money while playing video poker. The good news is that beginners enjoy a smooth learning curve as long as they are ready.

Video poker has a payout possibility of over 99%. It is the type of game to go for if you want to limit human interaction. Video poker does not offer live dealer options as well.


We cannot talk about casinos for beginners in Portugal and fail to highlight Blackjack. It is a game that combines fun and strategy. Its rules are easy to understand, which makes it attractive to beginners. The best starting point is the casino website, where you can access free classes on how to play Blackjack. You can as well bank on free videos online before you start gaming for real money.
As a beginner, pick the basic strategy on every hand, which lowers the house edge. Start with small bets to increase your chances of playing longer.


It is one of the oldest games in the casino industry but still attracts modern players. Recognizing a roulette wheel is simple, but the main challenge is where to place your bet. There are different variations of roulette, such as French Roulette, American Roulette, and European Roulette.

50/50 bets can be a good starting point as a beginner. That means you have 50/50 chances of winning when you have 18 red numbers and 18 black numbers. Most of the sites that offer online roulette have free classes to familiarize yourself with the game. Pick one strategy as a beginner and stick to it.

Gambling for beginners can be somehow tricky. However, selecting the above games will ensure that you have an easy time while at the gambling table. You can select one game or a few, depending on the time that you have at your disposal. Ensure that you learn the rules associated with every game.

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