The Best AWP Under $10 — AWP | PAW

In gaming, the AWP is a bolt-action sniper rifle that is high-powered and is available to both teams. The weapon is exceptionally potent and is considered “high risk, high reward” owing to its high power and low rate of firing, and is the most used weapon in the Counter-Strike game series. Being an advantageous weapon, AWP is hugely favored by CS:GO players and is a fan favorite. 

The Best AWP Under $10 


If you are interested in cute designs, it’s a good idea to look at AWP PAW, which is widely used by many gamers and is available below $10. This isn’t a rare skin type but is favored by many.

AWP | Mortis 

This AWP skin is extremely popular among players because of the great design. The price of this skin makes it affordable and is responsible for its rise in popularity. This item is always in demand in CS:GO and is available at a price of $4.55, which is considered a great deal. No surprise it’s a fan favorite.

AWP | Fever Dream 

This skin is also used by players all over the world. It’s gained quite a following among the community, and you can easily get it for yourself because of the reasonable price tag. It is priced at about $8, starting from $2. AWP | Fever Dream is a good deal because even though it is rare, it is affordable.

AWP | Atheris

AWP | Atheris offers not only a reasonable price but a great look as well. It is the appropriate option for those who want both. It is widely available in most markets, so it is very popular. Its starting price is $9. This is, without an ounce of doubt, the coolest and favorite skin type under $10. 


This skin has been recently introduced. Not yet a month old, it is designed in a hydrographic style. It is really cool and has an affordable price range starting from $2.85. 

Choose What Fits You Best

Though some are more popular than others, skin designs are mainly based on your personal liking and other factors. If you’re looking for something cool and affordable, you can find a match from the above list. There are many other skin types under $10, like AWP | Phobos, AWP | Capillary, and so on. 

In case you’re wondering where to purchase AWP skins from, there are a few skin trading websites like Steam.

You have to learn about the CS:GO game series in detail to understand the various advantages of AWP and that will help you to win against your opponents. This information about skins would be helpful if you’re just starting to play CS:GO games.

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