The 5 Best Ways to Update Your Outdoor Space

Whether you have a big back yard or a smaller patio, there are always ways to renovate your outdoor space to make it both look more beautiful and be more practical to use. The list below offers a variety of different alfresco improvements that are designed to help you transform your outdoor space.

1 – Pick up some pot plants

Pot plants are a wonderful way of making any outdoor space look more beautiful. If your outdoor space has little to no grass, pot plants are particularly valuable, adding needed greenery to an otherwise rather sparse space. Pot plants can make a great addition to yards and larger gardens too, adding an interesting touch of variety to the scenery. To make the most out of your plants choose a species that will survive all year round.

2 – Add some cooking equipment

Investing in outdoor cooking equipment is a wonderful way of transforming your outdoor space into a more social and usable area. Designing the space to be a place where you can eat and socialize could involve purchasing patio chairs and a table. Make sure to check out buying gas grill guides to find the most suitable type.

3 – Lighting

No matter how beautiful you have made your outdoor space, without the right lighting, you will only be able to enjoy it for a few hours a day. Fairly lights are a very cost-effective way of lighting up your garden. Not only are they budget-friendly but fairly lights are very versatile and can be strung around your garden in a number of different ways. Solar fairy lights are often preferred to plug-in or battery-operated ones due to the fact that once solar lights are installed, they require minimal upkeep.

4 – Clean up the deck

Over time, decking, tiles and stonework become weathered, collecting lots of dirt and grime. Often giving your outdoor area a good clean can have a big impact on the overall look if the garden. Power washing is one of the easiest ways of removing the buildup of dirt. However, if you do not have access to a power washer, hosing the area and then scrubbing down tough stains should yield the same result. Regular washing and cleaning of your outdoor space will not only help make your garden look more beautiful, but it is also important for safety. When dirt and grime build up on wood and stone it can cause surfaces to become very slippery when wet.

5 – Build a fire pit

As the months progress and cooler weather sets in, outdoor heating is one of the most useful investments to ensure that you are able to continue to enjoy your garden as the winter rolls in. Out of all the outdoor heating options on the market, nothing beats an open fire. Not only will an outdoor fire pit be the perfect place for you to make memories roasting marshmallows, but it is a great long-term investment too. In fact, homeowners that install outdoor fire pits on average see a 67% return on their investment when they come to sell their home.

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