The 13 Best Secret Santa Gifts for Your Co-Workers

Finding the perfect gift for a co-worker can be a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t know him or her very well. Of course, you will want to present them with a present they will truly love for the festive season, which is why you should do your research to pick the perfect item.
To simplify your search, all you must do is read on to discover the 13 best secret Santa gifts for your co-workers.

A Luxury Scented Candle

Many men and women love nothing more than the sweet smell of a luxury candle. It is a thoughtful present that is bound to make them smile this Christmas. While your secret Santa recipient is sure to love a Neom or Jo Malone candle, there are also many fantastic scented candle options for men from the likes of Diptyque or Acqua di Parma.

Indulgent Chocolate

Let’s face it, unless the recipient is lactose intolerant, you cannot go wrong with the gift of chocolate. Spoil your colleague this Christmas by treating him or her to a stunning box from the likes of Lindor or Hotel Chocolat, which will allow them to indulge in a little of what they like this festive season. You can trust you’ll quickly become their new favorite person at work once you present him or her with this sweet gift.

High-Quality E-Juice

Does your co-worker regularly head outside to enjoy an e-cigarette? If so, you can guarantee they will appreciate a high-quality e-juice from their secret Santa. You can also take your pick from a wide variety of flavors and nicotine options, so it’s a useful, considerate gift they are bound to appreciate.

A Flower Pot

Not only will a flower pot be a beautiful addition to a co-worker’s desk, but they also have many superb health properties, as they can lift a person’s mood and purify the air. So, put a big smile on a colleague’s face with office flowers or by finding an small terrarium that will look great next to their computer

A USB Cup Warmer

If your colleague likes to enjoy a cup of coffee or five throughout the working day, you can guarantee he or she will adore a USB cup warmer. They’ll never have to worry about their drink going cold again when forced into a meeting or immersing themselves into a project, because this handy little gadget will keep their beverage warm until the very last drop.

A Bath Melts Gift Set

Who doesn’t love a hot bath at the end of a grueling day? That’s why you can trust a bath melt gift set will be an ideal gift for any colleague. Nothing will be more relaxing than popping a beautifully scented melt into a bath once the working day is done. It’s a practical gift that any co-worker is sure to appreciate.

A Travel Mug

Every busy professional should own at least one travel mug, so they can enjoy a hot cup of coffee on the bus, train or drive to or from work. You can bet they will be delighted to unwrap this gift this festive holiday, as it will keep them warm during a cold winter commute to work.

A 2019 Diary

If your colleague regularly needs to attend many meetings, oversee interviews, and participate in industry conferences, you can rest assured they will love to receive a handy diary for 2019. This will allow them to effectively organize their working day for the next year, so they will never miss one important appointment or event. It will ensure they have a positive start to a new year.

A Cookbook

Most people want to try new recipes and create delicious dishes for themselves and their loved ones. Allow your colleagues to unleash their creativity in the kitchen by presenting him or her with a cookbook this Christmas so that they can experiment with new dishes and flavors. Take your pick from superb cookbooks from the world’s finest chefs, such as Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Christina Tosi, or Anita Lo.

A Coffeehouse Gift Card

Every professional will love to start their day with a hot drink and a pastry, which is why a coffeehouse gift card might be the perfect option for your boss or colleague. So, keep them warm, hydrated, and well-fed this winter with a gift card for the likes of Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Caribou Coffee, or an independent coffeehouse.

A Fun Stress Ball

Work and stress go together like milk and cookies, as pressure can mount and tension can rise when juggling multiples tasks each day. Give your co-worker the gift of relaxation this holiday season by wrapping up a fun stress ball for your secret Santa.
It is a simple, thoughtful and inexpensive present that won’t blow your budget. You can trust they’ll spend many an hour squeezing a fun foam ball when stress takes over in an office.

An Adult Coloring Book

Speaking of stress, you could always buy an adult coloring book for a colleague, as they are believed to help reduce a person’s stress levels, so it is the perfect way for a co-worker to embark on self-care.
What’s more, this trendy pastime will also provide a recipient with a dose of nostalgia, as it will take them back to their youth. Don’t forget to buy them some colorful pencils, so they can start using their new gift.

A Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

If your co-worker is a little health conscious, they will be more than happy to unwrap a fruit infuser water bottle from their kind-hearted secret Santa. Not only will it help them to stay hydrated, but it will also allow them to place their favorite fruits inside the handy tube, such as lemons, mint, strawberries, or watermelon, so it will provide them with a fresh-tasting, flavored H2O drink all-day long. You could even buy them a little fruit, so they can instantly use the bottle.

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