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Camping enthusiasts, rejoice! We have a piece of great news for you right here today, and it comes straight from Tentsile, the famous UK-based tent manufacturer whose portable tree-houses like Roomon, Connect and Stingray have won worldwide acclaim. The freshly released Vista tree tent combines all the portable shelter essentials and an off-ground design to deliver a unique tree-house experience on your camping trips and explorations of the wild. Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

Created to accommodate three adults or two adults and two children, Vista allows you to take off the top part of the tent and breathe in the morning air without having to leave the comfort of your tent as it sports a removable fly sheet roof with a detachable tear-resistant insect mesh that can double as a dry shelf to pack your wet gear or critical camping gear.

Inside a tree tent

Inspired by the company’s previously released Stingray tree tent, Vista comes with three anodised aluminium alloy poles, plated industry-grade buckles for rachets and straps, the brand’s well-known hybrid tent-come-triple hammock design, strong 7.5 square meter flooring in apple green with a central floor hatch (the floor is built from 240Denier inclined joint nylon-polyester composite reinforced with over 20 meters of seatbelt for maximum safety), side entrances on all three walls and 10-square-meter PU-coated waterproof polyester fly sheet roof that extends forward (this means you get some extra dry porch area directly below the tent). But that’s not all – you can also decide to buy purpose-built spare floors and turn your tent into a multi-storey tent to accommodate up to nine adults sleeping in hammocks above each other on three or four levels.

Tentsile Vista tree tent

With roof at 120-140 centimeters and total area at 4.4 x 4.4 x 4.4 meters in the assembled configuration, Vista can be suspended at the maximum height of 1.2 meters by attaching the ratchets and straps to three nearby trees. Maximum payload capacity of Tentsile’s new creation totals 400 kilograms, which means you can take all your camping gear up with you instead of having to leave it on the ground.

Tentsile Vista tree tent

Weighing as few as 9 kilograms and measuring 59 x 25 x 25 centimeters in non-assembled state, Vista easily folds and stores in the included bag so maximum portability is guaranteed. In the package with your new Vista tree tent, you’ll also get the removable fly sheet roof with necessary poles and detachable insect mesh, three sturdy ratchet buckles and straps, instructional manual and a lightweight bag to store your portable tree house. Available in several different colorways including camo, orange, green and dark grey, Vista is all the accommodation you’ll ever need on your summer camping trips and ventures into the big unknown, so make sure you grab your new portable off-ground shelter before you set out to conquer the wild. [via]

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Tentsile Vista tree tent

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