Tent With Lightning Strike Protection | By Kama Jania

According to statistics, the chances of getting struck by lightning are rare. But what’s alarming is the fact that in 96% of times, this happens to people that are in open environments. This means campers, hikers, climbers or anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors should be very careful when the weather turns bad.

Industrial designer Kama Jania created a line of tents that will protect you if you find yourself in that kind of unfavorable situation. She designed three bolt tents- ‘bolt-half’, ‘bolt-one’, and ‘bolt-air’. All three tents were tested in conditions similar to lighting strikes and resulted in full lightning protection for both direct and ground strikes.

Bolt On Tent With Lighting Strike Protection

The biggest tent is the ‘bolt-one’. This tent is made for one person and is perfect for longer trips since there’s enough space inside to fit all other equipment.

All 3 tents are constructed with orange aluminum poles and blue weatherproof material. The construction is extremely lightweight, so transporting will be easy. The ‘bolt-one’ is the biggest tent of three. It’s a one person tent made for longer trips.

Bolt Half Tent With Lighting Strike Protection

‘Bolt half’ weighs 1,2 kg and it takes little time to set it up.

The ‘bolt-half’ is a bit smaller and ‘bolt-air’ is the smallest and lightest one. It’s a single person tent designed for day-long trips and because of its size and weight it takes little time to set up.

Bolt Air Tent With Lighting Strike Protection

The smallest tent is ‘bolt air’. This one person tent is great for one-day trips.

Just like we mentioned, each one was tested. To check the durability, tents were exposed to a high current generator. A series of electrical discharges were directed on the poles, with the voltage between 400 kV and 1MV, depending on the distance between the tent and electrode. The results showed that all three tents drastically increase the safety of people providing full lightning protection.

Tent Material And Poles

Each tent has a lightweight construction- aluminum poles and weatherproof blue material.

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