We keep on discovering out-of-this world, awe inspiring resorts and, every single time we do, we feel obliged to tell you all about them. Eco resort ‘The Tent’ is one of such places. Designed by the architects from the renowned A21 Studio, this hot spring and mineral resort is located in Vietnam, the up and coming holiday hot spot.

The Tent is actually a tiny spa, perched atop a rocky hill, with a fantastic view of the river. The spa offers a range of relaxing activities, from mud baths to wonderful massages. The only downside is that the site on which the Tent is built suffers from intense heat all year around, which made designing this little gem quite a challenge. With that in mind, A21 Studio came up with a wonderful, natural and organic solution in the shape of a steep roof which prevents the heat from being trapped inside the structure.

The spa itself is made from local materials – such as dry-stacked stones and coconut leaves found directly on the site. All of these parts are connected by using indigenous building technique, mortise and tenon joints. Because a lot of thought has been given to choosing the right kind of construction material, the feeling the visitors get when they relax in The Tent is one of harmony. The spa’s space is divided into two levels – the top floor which contains a private bedroom made from old wooden frames and colourful glass paneled walls, and the ground floor which features rustic wooden furniture and a relaxation area with an infinity mineral pool.

Tent is the perfect hideaway for all you lovers of natural, serene and intensely private holidays. [via]

Indoor pool at The Tent by A21 Studio

Bedroom of The Tent by A21 Studio

The Tent by A21 Studio

The Tent by A21 Studio

The Tent by A21 Studio

Interior design of The Tent by A21 Studio

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