Ten Subtle Relationship Killers Bound to Ruin your Love-Life

As you seek that new and refreshing relationship with exotic babes and men, there are a few things to remember regarding relationships. Once they begin, it is easy for things to go downhill. This may not always have anything to do with either personality. The problems creep in slowly yet surely because they go unnoticed or unfixed. Young and old have to pay attention to a few surefire ways of burning a relationship.

How to Avoid Relationship Killers

Not every problem can be prevented but there are subtle signs that things might not be in order. It usually begins with silence and slowly one partner pulls away. Notice these changes in behavior and there might be a chance to salvage the relationship. Once you flirt with and begin to meet Colombian women, certain signs should be red flags in the relationship.


When things go wrong, be sure to discuss their causes with your partner. For instance, she might not be aware that certain things need to be placed in a certain way. Keeping quiet about it makes things worse because the problem persists and others grow too. With time, silence becomes normal and a partner will believe that everything is okay.

Being Passive

A partner might leave if they feel their lack of support or passiveness on one end. Also, as you meet Colombian women they might ask for opinions on certain things while being almost aggressive. It is important to stand your ground while offering support rather than being a wimp.

Funny Gestures

Rolling the eyes, using hand gestures to signal that you don’t care and other such gestures don’t pan out well at all. When you use gestures it almost always implies you don’t care. In relationships, nothing is worse than a partner who cannot say what they mean and instead uses gestures.

Getting Comfortable

When the relationship began toilet doors were closed and people kept gas in their stomachs. Now, one partner farts while in the company of their lover or use the loo with the door open. These may seem like jokes or attempts at humor but the partner on the receiving end doesn’t much appreciate them.

Letting Go

Many times couples spend ample time looking their best to keep up appearances. When the relationship finally picks up, a partner might decide that shaving, combing hair, using deodorant, or even showering is not that important. These are surefire ways to end a relationship in a very silent manner.

Attached at the Hip

When a couple spends too much time together they become like one and some may lose their uniqueness. This includes the independence they had before meeting. If you isolate everyone else just to be with one person, the relationship becomes stale with nothing exciting, impromptu, or new.


High expectations usually lead to disappointments, especially if you never made them known. Essentially, don’t set too high standards. Also, be sure your partner knows what you expect. If they have no clue they will never produce results. These expectations inevitably lead to breakups

Lingering baggage

Bringing baggage and bitterness from past relationships always leads to trying times. These dark experiences need counseling outside of a relationship. If you are already in a relationship, be sure your partner is aware of the counseling sessions.

Lack of Respect

When respect isn’t earned in a relationship things go haywire quickly. Most couples are unaware that this includes supporting the extended family. If you plan to meet Colombian women remember that family comes first. Any sign that you care little for her part of the family and she will leave.

Unsatisfied Sexually

Sexual satisfaction is important for men and women in a relationship. If one partner feels you are being inadequate they will find it elsewhere. Do not be surprised to find out months later that a partner transgressed.

Bottom Line

Make room for communication in your relationships and many things will fall into place. Way more important than material things is the way couples handle their in-house matters. Take care of sexual desires and watch the fire keep burning.

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