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All you weather aficionados out there pay attention because we are featuring a gadget that will make your weather watching dreams come true. It is called Tempescope and it promises to deliver a complete weather forecast in a simple box. You might scratch your head in amazement, but allow us to explain how this gadget, invented by Ken Kawamoto, works. Tempescope comprises of a mist diffuser, LEDs, a water pump and an Arduino microcomputer which controls the entire weather visualizing process.

Recently exhibited at the biggest technology show in Japan (CEATEC), Tempescope is an “ambient physical display that visualizes the weather, inside your living room”. In other words, it is a lit-up acrylic box which shows you what kind of weather you can expect tomorrow.


Tempescope pulls weather information via a wireless connection and then imitates those conditions inside its box

Tempescope basically pulls weather forecasts via a wireless connection from your computer or a mobile phone. Once it finishes collecting the data, it starts to imitate those weather conditions inside the sealed box. For instance, if you notice water gathering at the top of the device and starting to drip down, you can be sure that it is going to rain tomorrow. The LEDs inside will change colour from red to blue to indicate the temperature, while the mist diffuser will fill up the box in accordance with the level of cloudiness.


An Arduino microcomputer lies at the heart of this device

Of course, instead of having Tempescope, you can download an appropriate weather application but there is no fun in that, is there? At the moment, Tempescope is still in a prototype stage, but the designer is getting ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign next year. However, if you are rather impatient to have it before that, Kawamoto has actually posted the design plans for free online so that you can build your own Tempescope. watch video below

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