Teamlab Interactive Restaurant At Sagaya Ginza | Tokyo

Teamlab is an art collective that creates a series of interactive art installations around the world, covering a number of motives like nature, technology, art, and design. Their latest installation is created in an exclusive restaurant in Tokyo’s Ginza district- Saga beef restaurant SAGAYA Ginza

The restaurant shows the true beauty of Japan, with its concept, food, and interior. It is so exclusive that it can house only eight guests per day. The food is served on ceramic plates and the most interesting part is that the projections depend on a person’s behavior. If a guest is calm, the art will be as well. With any sudden moves, the projected birds will fly away.

a guy eating from a ceramic plate

Teamlab presented another one of their interactive art installation – this time in a Tokyo restaurant.

a group of people sitting in a restaurant

The restaurant is exclusive, guest only 8 people per day and serves amazing 12-course meals.

The concept behind this installation is ‘worlds unleashed and then connecting’. This means that with every plate placed on a table, a new world will appear. The meaning behind it is that “The world is constantly changing from moment to moment and no two moments are alike.” Check out the video below

a food plate on a table covered with a light installation

The light projects show different natural elements like animals and plants, all moving together with a person’s behavior.

light birds next to a food plate

For example, with slow motions, the birds and fishes will move slowly and with sudden moves, they will quickly disappear, representing the constant change of the world .

The guests will not only be given an opportunity to enjoy the presentation but the monthly menu that features a 12-course meal that combines different food like black wagyu beef and seasonal vegetables. Over the years, Teamlab opened up several installations with the similar visual experience like suspended lamps, illuminated forest, floating flowers and a variety of experiments with lights. This one, in particular, you can check out below.

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