TawHai | The Floating Bar In Lakawon Island

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For some of us, winter is a gift; for others, it is a curse. So, if you fall into the former category, chances are that you probably don’t want to spend your winter freezing your ass off in the northern hemisphere. Why not migrate south for a while? And by south, we specifically mean, Lakawon! An island with pristine beaches, beautiful women, and, of course, the TawHai Floating Bar!

Now, if you were looking for a place to party, or simply chill, the TawHai would be it!

TawHai Floating Bar out in the ocean

Good people, good drinks, good music, and the ocean all around you. There’s nothing like it.

Lakawon is a 13-hectare island off the coast of Cadiz City in Negros Occidental. Regardless of its natural beauty, and pristine waters, the one other thing that sets it apart is the TawHai floating bar. According to Mr. Vladi Gonzalez, the owner of the TawHai, it is the largest floating bar in all of Asia. Check out the video below.

Woman sitting on the top deck of the TawHai Floating Bar

You’ll find loungers on both the top and bottom decks. It just depends if you want sun or shade.

The bar caters for both young and old, with a variety of drinks to suit every palette. Of course, they also serve delicious cuisine. The deck area has been packed with lounge chairs for nothing else than simply relaxing. Since it is a ‘floating bar’ that is quite literally out in the ocean, if you feel the heat, simply take a dive off the bar and swim in Negro Occidental’s pristine water.

People jumping off the TawHai Floating Bar

TawHai Floating Bar loungers

TawHai Floating Bar loungers with pillows

Picture of the TawHai Floating Bar

Picture of Lakawon Island

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