If the hard drive on your MacBook isn’t big enough for you and you need more space, TarDisk may be the answer. This compact HD (Hard Drive) fits right into your Mac’s SDXC port and gives you the extra room for your files. Beautifully designed, TarDisk is made from an aluminum alloy that is seamlessly incorporated into your Mac. But  it doesn’t just have good looks. TarDisk is made from premium materials and has advanced technology that can double your HD space without slowing you down.

TarDisk, storage expansion card for Mac

TarDisk fits into your Mac’s SDXC port seamlessly

This new technology is called TarDisk Pear. Pear implements TarDisk‘s memory into your Mac’s SSD (Solid State Drive) and creates a single hybrid drive with a single volume which is managed by OS X. This means that the internal SSD is primarily used for data storage of frequently used files. TarDisk‘s memory is only used after the internal HD is full. It is fully compatible with TRIM and Time Machine for OS X. Testing this technology has shown that Pear-ing does not decrease Mac performance but often improves it.

TarDisk, storage expansion card for Mac

TarDisk is made from premium materials and houses advanced technology

TarDisk’s aluminum UniBody provides protection from heat and shock for the components inside. All electrical contacts are immersed in 14kt gold for reliable data transfer. TarDisk has 4k flash memory controllers for stable and fast data access. The minute size of TarDisk is made possible through the use of high-density 128 Gigabit NAND dies that give the gadget compact digital storage. There are three TarDisk models based on storage size: 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.

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TarDisk, storage expansion card for Mac

TarDisk is available with 64GB, 128GB and 256GB

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