Tappecue | Wi-Fi Thermometer For The Perfect Barbecue


If you love barbecuing but can’t stand by your meat throughout the whole process, with the help of Tappecue, you don’t have to! You can now run errands, mow your lawn, or make a grocery run and still know exactly what’s going on with your meat at all times. Slowly smoke your meat without worrying it’ll be undercooked or overcooked. With this amazing mobile application, you’ll always be just one tap away from your meat.

Thanks to this great app and probe for barbecue, you can monitor the cooking process even when you’re away from the smoker, doing chores or simply relaxing and watching TV. Plus, your friends can access the app, too, and they’ll know when the time’s right to show up at your doorstep. With Tappecue, you’ll receive four probes with the temperature inputs ranging from 0 F to 572 F. These can be set to monitor food temperature or chamber temperature. The LCD displays the temperature at the grill and on the smartphone. You can also view quick temperatures and graph from a web browser.

Tappecue device, tilted, on a white background.

The Tappecue comes with four Wi-Fi enabled probes so you can monitor the cooking process on your smartphone display or web browser.

Unlike other apps that are connected to the device via Bluetooth a radio frequency so you have to be within certain range, the Tappecue has no limitations. It is the future of thermometers as it uses Wi-Fi enabled probes and a well developed mobile application that can even allow you to enjoy a game of golf, and make the perfect barbecued meat at the same time. The external antennae allow for the distance of the Tappecue to be as far as 180 feet from the wireless router or hotspot.

Tappecue device and two smartphones on a white background.

You can monitor your smoking session from multiple devices so Tappecue enables social cooking.

This new invention connects to your home Wi-Fi and when the connection is set up, you can set the temperature value limits for your cooking session from your app and start the smoking session. When you’ve plugged in the power supply and the probes, the Tappecue starts sending the temperature values to the Tappecue Cloud. If temperatures rise above the set values, or if you go out of range, an alert will be sent to your smartphone. You’ll also be informed when the meat is perfectly done.

Tappecue device on a bench outside, with probes cables plugged in.

The probes can be set to measure meat temperature or chamber temperature from 0 F to 572 F.

Tappecue protects your investment because it will save your meat from overcooking. Even when you’re doing an extra long smoking session, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery power thanks to the device’s Power Supply unit. In the app, you can watch real-time temperature graphs of all probes. After the smoking session’s done, you’ll receive an e-mail containing your session history.

Tappecue device with probes and a cable, on a gray background, side view.

Tappecue will send temperature readings to Tappecue Cloud and you’ll receive alerts when the meat is done or the temperatures go out of the set range.

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