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TAP by ARMORZ Inc. is a project on Kickstarter that intends to bring to the market a new innovative smart screen protector for the iPhone that is practically indestructible. TAP is designed to improve the response rate of iPhone’s touch screen while being scratch, water and impact resistant. ARMORZ has incorporated the finest manufacturing methods, best materials and revolutionary design to bring you a screen protector that enhances click accuracy and provides superior maneuverability through your iPhone’s menus. With this greater flexibility it is possible to navigate through your iPhone with one hand (which was becoming increasingly difficult because of the sheer size of the 6+ and the new 6S October 2015 model). The whole idea is to make your iPhone more efficient, faster and easier to use, smoother and quicker with the added bonus of better screen protection.

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The TAP screen protector for iPhone 6+ and iPhone 6

Apple has stated that screen protectors for their new devices must be less than .3 mm thick and cannot be electrically conductive. They also must adhere perfectly to the touch-screen without any air pockets. TAP meets all these requirements and more. The TAP screen protector is made from .2 mm tempered Corning Gorilla Glass (9H scratch resistance) with oleophobic coating (for smudge and fingerprint resistance). The .2 mm thickness gives it an edge over the competition who still produce screen protectors between .33 and .4 mm. There is no app or Jailbreak needed to install TAP, just plug and play. TAP comes in three sizes: for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and the new 6S model coming out in October 2015.


TAP is made from 9H gorilla glass

ARMORZ Inc., one of the lead mobile accessory manufacturing companies of the U.S.A., has started this crowd-funded project on Kickstarter in anticipation of the new iPhone 6S model mentioned earlier. The prototype design has already been finalized, but they need funds for the manufacture phase. The funding goal is $20,000 with over $19,900 already pledged. The anticipated shipping dates start in early October 2015 for early supporters. Unfortunately, you’ve missed the super early bird special offer, but are still eligible for and early bird offer where you can pre-order TAP with 65% off (estimated retail price of $39.95).

For more details about TAP go to Kickstarter here.


TAP makes it easier to use the iPhone with one hand

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