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Hungarian designer and sculptor Edit Szabó is definitely a breath of fresh air in the world that is awash with mass-produced furnishings. Considering her expertise – which ranges from water features and porcelain items to street furniture and masonry stoves – no wonder her new collection of ceramic seating furniture is so refreshingly different. The collection is called TAME and is aptly inspired by wild animals such as foxes and bears.

The first thing that one notices in the TAME collection is its versatility. FOX and BEAR seating can be used indoors and outdoors since they are both weather- and fire-proof and, depending on your imagination and needs, you can also use them as side tables or arrange them in such way to conceal your speakers or modems. Edit is one of those artists who has a thoughtful approach to her work, not treating her art pieces just like ordinary objects in space but rather as an important part of one’s environment while being mindful of the conceptual organization of space.

The Tame Collection of ceramic seats

Quality is non-negotiable in Edit’s work. The ceramic seating pieces from the TAME collection are durable and long-lasting. They are also surprisingly functional while having a decidedly architectural and aesthetic appeal. Also, who knew that ceramic seats can be fun! You can arrange the TAME ’animals’ in packs to make them a joyful spectacle in your home. The seating can even be fitted with wheels which makes rearranging rather easy. Although one seat can accommodate one person at time, put two together and you have an elegant seat for two.

Tame collection ceramic seats in the reception of a hotel

Edit has plenty more aces up her sleeve when it comes to ceramic pieces like Adessys line of ceramic acoustic spatial dividers, for which she won awards, and a baroque ceramic stove made for Laffert Castle.

Silver ceramic seats

Edit Szabo ceramic seats

Edit Szabo's ceramic seats

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