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Zero S | 2017 Electric Motorcycle


As we become more aware of the impact that fossil fuel has on our environment, we are looking more to alternative modes of transportation. One of those alternative transportation solutions come from a leading-edge designer of electrical vehicles. Needless to say, we are very proud to introduce the 2017 Zero S Electric Motorcycle by Zero …

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Zero DSR Dual-Sport | By Zero Motorcycles


Zero Motorcycles is still the absolute world leader when it comes to producing lightweight and powerful electrical motorcycles. This California-based company has cemented its seat on the throne with this new fast and mighty Zero DSR Dual-Sport bike. Equipped with Z-force motor and an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, this new Zero motorcycle is a fun toy …

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In the past, fans of high-speed two-wheelers were often blamed for contributing to the growing pollution, reckless attitude to the environment and not thinking green enough. That changed with the onset of the electric motorcycle era – speed machine producers began switching to a more environment-friendly approach to nature, the industry branched out to draw …

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