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Wearable devices which are used to help with your fitness programs and monitor your progress usually come in the form of a bracelet. However, Athos decided to step ahead of the curve and make fitness wearables more effective by producing the most comfortable wearable fitness tracker yet, the Athos Smart Apparel. Their product consists of several …

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Thought about going to the gym and getting your personal trainer to help you burn all the fat and turn them into muscles, but you simply didn’t have enough money to afford all of this? Well, GYMWATCH has a solution for you, with a new invention that will provide you with both a personal trainer …

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Ahoy there, workout addicts! Today we have a special treat for you and it’s called Monkii Bars. Designed to allow professional athletes, training fans and lovers of recreational exercise enjoy their trainings whenever and wherever they like best, Monkii Bars comes in the form of a clever, versatile and lightweight suspension training tool that can …

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