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River Divided Wall Art | By Gregory Klassen


The artist and furniture maker Gregory Klassen creates objects that are inspired by the river and his surroundings in the Pacific Northwest. The River Divided Wall Art is a part of his collection and it transforms the ordinary wooden piece into a majestic piece of art. To make the river seem authentic, he carefully makes it …

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Boisgris | Handmade Wooden Furniture

from $70|

There used to be a time when wood was harvested and worked by hand. It was used for making all sort of structures, from homes and barns to even tools. Now, to honor the tradition of woodcraft, Boisgris is creating some of the finest pieces of furniture out of the wood that once was. By …

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Cracked Log Lamps | By Duncan Meerding


Tasmania-based furniture and lighting designer Duncan Meerding transforms cracked tree stumps into lamps. With these lamps, your home will get a warm and rustic charm. All lamps are made with salvaged cracked wood that would otherwise be burnt. They can be used both as outdoor and indoor decor. Inside the cracks, there are yellow LED lights, …

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Manly Hobbies For All Types Of Men Out There

A busy lifestyle can sometimes drain the life out of you. We spend a lot of time surrounded by phones, TV, computers, and just lying around the house. It’s important to have balance in your life. You must find a way to relieve your stress levels, do something interesting and creative in your spare time. It’s great …

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Panlights Handmade Wooden Lights | By Javor Skerlj Vogelnik


Whenever an artist uses rare and rather surprising materials to create artwork, we take notice because the result is usually original and out of ordinary. Artist, musician and wood enthusiast Javor Škerlj Vogelnik from Slovenia has managed to create artwork that is unique yet an elegant example of modern day design incorporating natural materials. He …

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Being skilled enough to make a home improvement project happen is as important as the tools which you are using. Modern tools are an excellent thing to have, they get the job done, and they, more than often, offer more functions unlike their traditional counterparts, which helps you do the things you want to. However, old …

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To class an art piece brilliant several elements need to come together –  unique aesthetics, a novelty factor, and originality. The works of a Canadian sculptor Maskull Lasserre seem to possess all of that, with a hint of morbid and grotesque. Lasserre relies on wood carvings to express nostalgia, humour and strangeness in an attempt …

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Metamorphosis Bookshelf by Sebastian Errazuriz

Bookshelves are usually in the form of simple planks supporting books and the whole picture together seems like a stack. Well, not with artist Sebastian Errazuriz. His extraordinary idea was inspired by the thick ivy that he used to place his childhood garden toys on, and the result of that inspiration was this work of …

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Aesop Paris on Rue Saint-Honoré by March Studio

Australian company for skin, body and hair care products called Aesop has always had interesting solutions regarding interior design of their stores. After a while, every new announcement concerning the opening of a new store was eagerly awaited. This is just one of the Aesop stores, placed in Paris on Rue Saint-Honoré in the lovely …

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Pallet Chairs by Clarke Titus from Rough South Home

While furniture should be pleasing to the eye, one should not forsake its functionality simply for beauty. The buzz that pallet furniture created couple of years ago is still going strong today. If you are ecologically minded, think outside the box and like unique furniture pieces, have a look at the pallet chairs designed by …

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