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River Divided Wall Art | By Gregory Klassen


The artist and furniture maker Gregory Klassen creates objects that are inspired by the river and his surroundings in the Pacific Northwest. The River Divided Wall Art is a part of his collection and it transforms the ordinary wooden piece into a majestic piece of art. To make the river seem authentic, he carefully makes it …

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The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees


Robert Penn is The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees. He grew up under an ash tree and realized that out of all the trees in the world that’s the one most commonly used. So he decided to cut down one tree and made the best out of it. This book tells a story of …

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Creating something spectacular requires everything you got, but if you have a few helping hands around you, the process gets more interesting and turns into something even bigger. Take for instance, the creation of the Cinder Cone treehouse, which started out as an idea conceived by Forest Huntington and, with the support from his friends, …

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For decades on end, the world has been increasingly polluted by garbage, waste and various discarded household and industrial items, and experts have been repeatedly warning that this trend needs to be stopped before the whole planet turns into a humongous landfill that would be no good for any form of life. So, why throw …

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If you are looking to add dimension, quirkiness and originality to your otherwise bland flooring, German textile designer Elisa Strozyk has something right up your alley – Wooden Carpet. Made from laser cut differently coloured veneer offcuts, the carpet lies flatly on the floor yet it appears three-dimensional thanks to brilliantly designed triangular veneer pieces …

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