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Ossia’s COTA Can Charge All Of Your Devices Wirelessly

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True wireless charging has been the chase of a dream for many. To be able to simply walk into a room, and your mobile charges automatically in your pocket. No wires, no struggles, no worries. Well, thanks to the brainchild of Ossia’s CTO Hatem Zeine, this has just become a reality. Introducing the Ossia COTA. …

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Xvida | Iphone and Android Mount With Super-Fast Qi Charging


With technology becoming all the more wireless, it seems ludicrous that we still have to charge our phones with cables. We all know that wires break and then it becomes a mission to simply just charge your device. Luckily for us, the XVIDA Wireless Charger aims to change that with its mounting system and Qi …

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For lovers of unique gear who look for more than mere functionality in their gadgets, we are glad to present Pebble 2, a wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker with a built-in mic by Orée, the famous producer of artistically designed emotional tech equipment based in south France. Following the release of the iconic wooden wireless …

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TYLT VU is a wireless charger for any Qi compatible phone, and it has brought the Qi charging method to perfection. TYLT neutralized some problems of previous Qi chargers, such as the situations when you leave your phone on a charger and when you come back, you realize that nothing has happened and the battery …

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