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Living Edge Wine Library

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Who wouldn’t want to have an entire wall filled with wine? This is especially appealing if you’re given the option to turn the wall of any room into a wine rack. We introduce you to Wine Library, a great wine storage option from the crew over at Living Edge. Wine Library helps you protect your collection, makes it …

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Pinetti Wine Rack | A See-Through Wine Rack


Tony Potter has been into illusions and magic for almost 20 years when he decided to incorporate that passion with another one- woodworking. Pinetti Wine Rack makes it look like wine bottles vanish while being stored inside the rack. Pinetti Wine Rack is handmade in Virginia wine country. Each one is made from red oak and is hand finished …

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Wine Cellars | By Sommi


If you have ever owned a private wine collection, you need a place to store it. To take proper care of your wine and to enhance your interior, we suggest that you check out the Sommi Wine Cellars. If you can’t have a dedicated cellar in your home, this is the next best thing. The …

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