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Cognitive Surplus Chemistry Gift Packs


For those of you who love either booze, chemistry or both, this is the perfect product for you. The guys over at Cognitive Surplus created awesome Chemistry Gift Packs. Everything comes nicely packed so it can truly be an original gift idea. First things first, let us explain what you get in them. In the Whiskey Pack, there’s …

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Have you been searching for a unique liquor-related gift but came up empty handed? Or, perhaps, something you can use for serving beer and wine that doesn’t only act as a humorous conversation starter but has functionality as well? An innovative and aesthetically pleasing invention brought to you by Fred and Friends might be what …

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Whether you are a novice or a seasoned consumer of wine, you probably know that there is one thing that you should do before you drink it and that is to aerate it. By doing so, you will warm the wine, boost its aroma and improve its flavour. And here is something that will help …

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Govino is famous for creating shatterproof glasses and their latest flexible wine glasses are really worth a look. The Govino Wine Glasses have been made of a kind of plastic material which will not break if you knock the glass over. This makes it perfect for any kind of a travel or a picnic where …

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