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If you’re bored with the traditional wine-in-a-box design and want to give your tabletop a slightly classier look on that odd special night, we have just the right thing for you today: with Baggy Wine Coat by Jakob Wagner, your dinner table will never look dull again – plus you also get a sophisticated transport …

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Corkcicle One | Wine Chiller And Aerator


In one of our previous features (about MENU’s wine breather) we spoke about the importance of aerating wine before you drink it. Aeration augments the wine’s aromatic profile and flavours while lessening its astringency. Now, if you manage to chill it down to the perfect temperature, your palate will be eternally grateful to you. Corkcicle …

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CORKCICLE Wine Chiller


Corkcicle is a funny name for a product that most people will find interesting, but true wine lovers will absolutely love it. Enjoying good wine is one of life’s great pleasures, but in order to get that perfect taste, each wine has a particular procedure that you need to follow. The temperature of the wine …

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