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The Norlan Whiskey Glass


Meet Norlan Glass, an aesthetically beautiful double-walled whiskey glass that will provide you with a memorable drinking experience. The glass is made of hand-blown borosilicate glass and a transparent double walled vessel. This is a technique where two separate molds are made, one for the inner wall and one for the outer. Then, they are reheated, combined and sealed. This also …

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Whiskey Peaks | Huckberry-Exclusive Whiskey Glasses


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. We can see a lot of great items that celebrate this anniversary, like beautiful National Parks Book And Posters we wrote about a while ago. Now, we have something on Huckberry exclusively and equally awesome to share with you- Whiskey Peaks, a set of whiskey glasses. Raising a …

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Six Shooter Shot Glasses | By Bullets2Bandages


Bullets2Bandages is a company that was founded by 2 American war veterans and it specializes in creating products like necklaces and bottle openers with war motives. In that way, they want to say “thanks” to all their brothers in arms that are still fighting out there to protect all of us. Six Shooter Shot Glasses …

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