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Garmin Fenix 3 HR | Smartwatch For Sports And Outdoor Enthusiasts


Garmin is well-known for making navigation equipment and multisport GPS watches. Now, they upgraded the Fenix 3 line of watches and introduced Garmin Fenix 3 HR. Its main new feature is the heart rate monitor, so it’s perfect for any sport or outdoor activity. With protective PVD-stainless steel bezel and buttons, this watch is extremely durable. The …

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Lum-Tec Combat B21 GMT Watch


People are usually buying watches for two reasons, styling or practical purposes. Sometimes beautiful watches aren’t always completely reliable, and the durable, solid ones can be a bit modest when it comes to design. Combat B21 GMT watch by Lum-Tec  is a long-lasting military field watch that is also simply but elegantly designed. Already strong, …

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Suunto Traverse GPS Watch


Suunto is a Finnish company that creates innovative products for adventurers and sports enthusiasts. We already featured Suunto’s brilliant products, and have one more that is definitely worth of mention. Suunto Traverse is a GPS watch for outdoorsmen, perfect on treks and hikes. This watch allows you to plan hikes and find your way when you’re …

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What? Watch | Save Precious Life Events With This Watch

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What is time and what is it really about? Which moments are important and why do we cherish them? What if you get lost in the moment? What are friends really for? These are only some of the questions the makers of What? Watch are trying to answer. They have made a completely new concept …

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If you need a watch, whether it is a quartz or a mechanical one, Seiko is the place to go. The Spring Drive watches became available worldwide in 2005 and all their fans can now enjoy them wherever they live. One of the newest watches from this collection is the SBDB009 – Seiko Prospex MarineMaster …

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Looking for a new timepiece because of functionality is great, but sometimes style is key. This is what the Straton Watch Co.’s Vintage Driver Chrono is all about, looking exceptionally well and making you wanting to have one immediately because of it. Inspired by a Veglia Borletti tachometer found in a 1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT, this …

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Stylish, practical and precise with a cool factor of 100 is what we ideally look for when we buy watches. We choose good watches because they say something about us; they speak about our tastes, our sense of style, and our level of sophistication. Having a good quality watch on your wrist is the same …

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There are few things as important in our modern business-driven world than having an appropriate sense of fashion and style. Intelligent choices need to be made about what attire or accessories would be needed to accomplish the desired effect. Today, we are featuring a unisex accessory that we believe would be perfectly suited for your …

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Overly extravagant watches brimming with details aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes a minimalist design offers a lot more and assists people who like to employ a more casual image. And for a fully casual yet sophisticated look, you need a watch which reinforces this style. The Nixon Anthem Watch is perfect for such a cause. …

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