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LED Word Clock | A Unique Take On Time With Text


Time, in many ways, is what defines us. We define our days by time, and, we wouldn’t exist without time. Time is what gives us substance. However, we are all familiar with clocks, but we found a clock that was that unique that we just had to feature it. Introducing the LED Word Clock that …

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Leff Amsterdam Brick Vintage Flip Clock


In this digital era and all the tech you can get on the market, it’s good to see a company that respects tradition. Leff Amsterdam is that kind of company. Their philosophy is to pursue the functional beauty, respect tradition, but challenge it. Those are all the things we can see in Brick Vintage Flip Clock. To design this …

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Although many of you might think that wall clocks have become the thing of the past, we are always on the search for something that will make you think differently. And we have found just the thing for you –  Concrete Wall Clock designed by Taiwan-based studio 22designstudio. This is a thought-provoking 4th dimension timepiece …

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Daniel Duarte, a designer from Portugal, came up with this surprisingly simple, yet enchanting idea. At first look, you would hardly consider this a clock, but it is a fully functional time teller. As we have said, the idea is fairly simple. It is based on the repeating superimposition of two layers of bars rotating …

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