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Garmin Rino 755T | Two-Way GPS Radio System


We have all seen Garmin’s expansion in the technological world. Starting off with GPS, they moved into watches, and even video cameras. Now, they have released their latest two-way GPS Radio, the Garmin Rino 755t. The Rino 755t was designed for the outdoorsman. With a rugged design and pinpoint positioning accuracy, it will never let …

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T-668 | 8-Channel LCD Screen Walkie Talkie Set With 3-Mile Range


We have brought you some major bargains from our Collaboration with Gear Best already, and when it comes to good deals, this has to be it. Introducing the T-668 8-Channel LCD Vox Walkie Talkie Set which is the perfect hiking or camping companion. Be it camping, hiking, or off-roading you need to keep contact with …

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Fogo Flashlight | Multi-Purpose Adventure Gadget

from $209|

When going camping, one of the absolute necessities is a flashlight. And you could use a GPS, a walkie-talkie, charger, or even a radio when you’re looking for some entertainment. Now, can you imagine a device that holds all of these (and so much more) in one portable gadget? Well, it actually exists, and it’s …

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