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Intel Project Alloy Transforms Your Environment Into A VR World

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Since the conception of the Oculus Rift, much has changed in the world of VR technology. Even more impressive is the timespan in which this progression took place. With the invention of VR, we finally gained the ability to transform our world into unimaginable cybernetic landscapes. Now, Intel’s Project Alloy is taking VR even further. …

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Wearevr ET-1 | VR Goggles For Your Smartphone


Virtual reality headsets have been taking the world by storm throughout this last year and as the technology improves, costs are dropping and different types of headsets are being produced. Bringing something new to smartphone tech, is the WeAreVR ET-1 VR Goggles for your smartphone. The WeAreVR ET-1 VR Goggles were designed specifically to be …

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