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Why Turntables Are the Hottest Trend in Home Entertainment

The world of home entertainment has seen many changes over the years, from the advent of cassette tapes and CDs to the rise of digital streaming services. However, one trend that has recently captured the attention of music enthusiasts is the resurgence of vinyl records. Turntables have brought back the magic of physically interacting with …

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Sony PSHX500 Hi-Res USB Turntable


Every music lover knows that the best quality of sound can be found in a turntable and vinyl records. There’s just a level of clarity that can’t be found anywhere else. However, that being said, there is always a chance that your vinyls will wear down and become unplayable. To combat this problem, we introduce …

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The Runwell Turntable From Shinola


Everyone knows how unique the sound of a vinyl record is. No matter what new audio devices you have, there’s simply something special about records. Speaking about them, Shinola introduced the first addition to their new audio line- The Runwell Turntable. It was made together with VPI, one of the leading names in turntable manufacturing in the States. While Shinola is best …

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Mag-Lev Audio | World’s First Levitating Turntable


This has to be one of the most amazing audio technology innovations we have ever seen. Everybody knows that vinyl delivers a richness in sound that can’t be found in any other medium. However, we also know that turntables are outdated. Now, being featured on Kickstarter, the MAG-LEV Audio Turntable aims to change the way …

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