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Best Drone For Filming | Take Your Projects Off The Ground

Do you love taking amazing aerial images but don’t have the right device? You’re not the only one struggling with this. Actually, picking the best drone for filming is probably one of the hardest and most time-consuming choices that you will have to make. This happens because of mainly 2 things: Flight time and performance …

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DJI Matrice 600 Drone | A Drone For The Professional Cameraman


With the massive popularity gain that we have seen in the past years in regards to drones, and even the start of the first World Drone Prix in Dubai earlier this year, it wasn’t long until something like the DJI Matrice-600 would be created. For all of you avid film makers, cameramen and photographers, having …

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Vidius | The World’s Smallest Video Drone


Axis, a company that specializes in making tiny drones now released a new model- Vidius, The World’s Smallest Video Drone. With just 1.7 inches wide and under an inch tall, this drone is capable of flying up to 100 feet away. Of course, the most important feature is its ability to record and stream live video in …

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