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Patagonia Re\\\collection | 100% Recycled Down, Polyester & Wool


Patagonia, a brand that delivers high quality and ultimate performance clothing, has released a new collection. They decided to go with a radically resourceful collection aka Re\\\collection. Each item found in it is made from almost 100% recycled materials. Before we start talking about these materials, it’s important to mention that Patagonia has been experimenting with recyclable resources …

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Albertine Thermal Cycling Vest


Winter is approaching which doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy cycling. All you need is to gear up and get prepared for tough weather conditions. Albertine Thermal Cycling Vest is there to provide you with maximum performance, great levels of insulation as well as extreme breathability. This gilet features fully windproof front sections, making it perfect for cold winter …

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7 Motorcycle Vests That Will Keep You Safe

We all know that there is nothing quite like cruising on a motorbike. Especially so when you can feel the pure power lurch under you and the feeling of the world being ripped out from under you. There really is nothing like it; when you reach a certain speed, it almost feels like you’re flying …

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Lumenus | Clothing Designed To Save Your Life

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You can never be too safe when it comes to traffic, especially if you’re a cyclist, a biker, or a commuter. When you hit the city streets it’s very important to be visible. Now you can have the ultimate package for securing the best visibility on the road. Lumenus is revolutionary smart clothing designed specifically …

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Noxgear LightHound | LED Dog Vests


If you’re walking your dog when it’s dark outside or want to spot it easily in the big backyard, you should definitely check out the Noxgear LightHound. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Noxgear started producing this LED dog vest that illuminates the dog with reflectivity and fluorescent color. It’s really easy to put it on and …

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