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Metro | By Blunt Umbrellas


With winter ending, and spring ever approaching, you can be assured that rainy weather is on its way. What else are you going to need than an almost indestructible umbrella? Inspired by the extreme weather of New Zealand, the Metro By Blunt Umbrellas is just what you need. Designed to be stylish, easy to use, and …

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UNDME Reverse Umbrella


If you thought that some simple product designs like the umbrella can’t be revolutionized, you’re very wrong. UNDME Reverse Umbrella shows a new and innovative way to use an umbrella, from the inside out. It has a double layer that makes sure you don’t get wet. Not only has the design been improved but the material …

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Anbrella | A Revolutionary Inside-Out Umbrella


There are a few things that we never question, even though they may cause us some hassle, and it stands uncontested that we never question the trusty umbrella. However, there is a new and better way brought to us by Nippon Concept and that is the Anbrella, an inside out umbrella! The Anbrella is truly …

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January’s Top Picks From Huckberry

In this list, we decided to put together some of the January’s top picks found on Huckberry. You’ll see the coolest, most stylish and functional products for all sorts of purposes, from clothing and furniture items to useful gear and gadgets. This list can come in handy whether you need traveling accessories or an inspiration …

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Hedgehog Products launched the  Cypress Umbrella, an umbrella with fully telescopic architecture, interchangeable canvas capability and an independent suspension system. With it, you never have to fear bad weather. It’s extremely wind resistant, weighs 0.65 lbs and when opened its width is 40 inches. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. Its telescopic architecture is a combination of …

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The 3000 years old standard umbrella design is finally being revolutionized without affecting the aesthetics and usability of a regular umbrella. The KAZbrella, designed by a start-up company KAZ Designs, is an umbrella which opens from the inside out. Some of you might think that this feature is not something special, but this unconventional way of unfolding the …

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Apart from those pleasant and refreshing summer showers, we can’t imagine that anyone in particular can enjoy rain. Even though we are aware of its importance, it doesn’t mean that we’re super thrilled about it when we have to go outside during a huge downpour. Luckily for all of us who share my opinion, there …

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Are you one of those people who hate rain very much, but umbrellas even more? I was, until I realized that something different from that stodgy and squeaky monster which we used to call umbrella, was being developed. Meet the Sa Origami Umbrella and make your rainy days more interesting and colorful. The Sa umbrella …

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One of the greatest summer pastimes is surely sitting with your friends or family in your garden on a hot Sunday afternoon, comfortably positioned in your chair while sipping chilled drinks. Add to that picture one more thing and you’ll have the setting for the most perfect summer day. And that thing is Tuuci’s Ocean Master …

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Back in the olden days, ladies used to protect their peaches and cream complexion by wearing elegant lace parasols. Skip to the 21st century, and you have Komorebiagasa, a beautiful transparent umbrella / parasol created by the Japanese designer duo Fumito Kogure and Shinya Kaneko from Design Complicity. The Komorebiagasa umbrella is inspired by the …

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