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Free Spirit Spheres In British Columbia


Nestled in a forest on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, you’ll find Free Spirit Spheres. They provide a unique natural retreat that allows you to reconnect with the peaceful surrounding while staying in a suspended orb. According to Tom Chudleigh, the mastermind behind it, staying in one of these spheres should be on everybody’s bucket list. Free …

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TreePod Suspended Camper Tent

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We all know that camping is an awesome experience. You relieve stress while you’re in nature, and the benefits are vast. But there are a few problems that comes hand-in-hand with camping, and there are a few solutions to this problem, but this one is unique. Introducing the TreePod Suspended Camper. The problem that we …

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Treepod at Soneva Kiri |Suspended Dining Pod in Thailand

Visiting Thailand should be on everybody’s bucket list. Dining and enjoying a glass of your favourite drink atop a tree in Thailand should be at least among the top three items on this list. And for that, there is only one place to go – the Treepod at the Soneva Kiri Resort which is situated …

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