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Zero Grid Compression Packing Cubes


Saving valuable space in your traveling bag is as important as organizing your things well. Luckily, Zero Grid Compression Packing Cubes do both. In the set, you get three packing bags, perfect for compressing your clothes and maximizing space. Besides their storage capacities and the fact they are very compact, these cubes are built to last. They use …

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The Bullrest Travel Pillow


The BullRest Travel Pillow is currently being funded on Indiegogo. It’s designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort while traveling, which is especially useful for long trips. It was designed by a guy who travels by plane a lot and always had a problem with sleeping pillows. What’s so special about BullRest Travel Pillow is that …

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Hyperlite Packrafter’s Kit For Backpackers And Hikers


Hyperlite Packrafter’s Kit is designed to include some of the best gear available for backpackers and hikers. This kit is suitable for both overnight packrafting and crossing long distances. Everything you find in the kit is made from 100% waterproof Dyneema Composite Fabrics, a highly water resistant material. Hyperlite Packrafter’s Kit contains 4400 White Porter Pack, UltaMid …

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Néit | World’s First Smart, Collapsible Hard Case Luggage


Néit is a smart four wheeled luggage that you can collapse when not needed. This hard case luggage does a great job at protecting your valuable items and when collapsed, the size of it reduces to just 3 inches. When you’re traveling, you need a luggage that can fit all your necessities but the problem …

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Exposed | A Motorcycle Bivouac

from $429|

Exposed created a companion for motorcycle lovers that are often on the road. The Exposed Bivouac provides shelter and enables you to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. The motorcycle is used as a supporting structure for the bivouac that will at the same time protect it from rain. Exposed Bivouac is made from durable …

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We are always on a prowl for the ultimate backpack that will not only impress us with its quality but will also prove to be extremely functional, durable and fashionable. With that in mind, we are featuring the backpack that just about satisfies every single of the aforementioned qualities. This backpack was especially designed for surfers …

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