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Backcountry Summer Activewear

Boiling temperatures don’t mean you need to stop with the training. It means you need to plan carefully what to wear each time you work out, especially when it comes to activities that will make you sweat on purpose. Today, we gathered 7 items from Backcountry you need for the summer workout. Check them out: 1 …

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The B.D.A Kit Covers Everything Before, During, And After Your Workout


You know all those items you have to pack and prepare when you’re going to the gym? Well, now you can get a super useful kit that contains everything you may possibly need before, during, and after a workout. The B.D.A Kit covers all training essentials at an affordable price. So, what does the kit contain? Let’s start …

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The 3-Day Military Diet | Keeping You Closer to Your Weight-Loss Goals

From buying the most expensive diet pills to enrolling to a fitness program, many people resort to extensive weight loss routines that promise fast and visible results. However, being physically fit and healthy is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you are not using the right weight loss strategies. Fortunately, the 3 days …

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Gripbell | Multi-Purpose Training Gear

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Being physically active is a key ingredient for a good health. It doesn’t matter if that’s running, weight-lifting or fitness, if it gets your blood flowing, it’s good for you. Gripbell is a new workout device that is able to replace all of those three mentioned types of exercise and provides you with great cardio, …

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Bas Rutten designed the Mass Suit that’s great for an entire body workout since it provides resistance to your training. It uses rubber bands to increase resistance to shoulders, arms, back, core, hip flex, quads, and hamstrings. Mass Suit is created to fit any body type. It can be used for boxing, cardio, MMA, fitness and any …

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In order to bring the freshest and most nutritious protein drinks to people who are a bit too busy and can’t prepare their protein mix in advance, Ben Acott founded PODlife, a company dedicated to producing the highest quality protein mix packaged in pods. On their own, the pods won’t be of much use to …

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From Christopher McDougall comes a narrative about the traditions and methods which were employed by the heroes from the Greek myths. McDougall is well known for being an avid runner, writer for several high profile magazines and a best-selling author, thanks to his work titled Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe in which he discloses the …

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Sunday, the 23rd November will be a glorious day for all of you training and running lovers, because a new model of the world famous brand – Adidas will appear at End Clothing. On this day, Adidas Originals will present Tubular. This model has several similar features to the previous models, such as sole units …

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