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Barbie’s Journey Towards Representation and Empowerment

Barbie, the iconic doll created by Ruth Handler in 1959, has been a staple in the toy industry for decades. Her blonde hair, slender figure, and fashionable outfits quickly became a cultural phenomenon. However, the toy model has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years to become more inclusive and representative of diverse individuals. This …

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Pocket Cannon | Fully Functional .30 Mini Cannon


It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 years old, or 50, being a man means that you still get to play with awesome toys. They just tend to be a bit more expensive. This goes for anything from boats, luxury cars, and yes, even mini cannons. Now, better than ever, we are proud to introduce the …

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GPTOYS F51C RC Quadcopter | A Waterproof Drone


As far as toys go, quadcopters are definitely up there on the list. Bringing you another promotional offer from Gear Best, the GPTOYS F51C RC Quadcopter will definitely impress you and make an excellent gift! An excellent hobby starter, or simply as something to enjoy, the F51C Quadcopter is bound to entertain you for hours …

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Intex Explorer 200 | Ultra-Cheap Inflatable Dinghy


Since time immemorial, man has always had an affinity for aquatics; there is something rejuvenating and sublimely relaxing be in or around a body of water. With the invention of boats, and dinghy’s, we were able to traverse the world and experience new sights. As technology progresses, things are becoming smarter, cheaper and more efficient …

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Spin | The Gyroscopic Spintop


Many of us remember having a spin top in our younger days. They were great fun and we spent hours perfecting the craft and acquiring new tricks. Simplistyk has taken the spin top to a completely new level thanks to good engineering and design, and created Spin – The Gyroscopic Spin Top. Pre-order at a …

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Walther PPK Rubber Band Gun


Admit it – you still love playing with toy weapons. The joys of childhood are now available for the big-sized men too, thanks to Elastic Precision’s PPK Rubber Band Gun. Go back to your most interesting and careless days or just spend some time reconnecting with your young self – you know you want to. …

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Ulo – The Surveillance Owl

from €149|

Get this – a surveillance camera that looks like an owl and even interacts with you through cute eye motions. Yeah, we agree that “cute” isn’t often connected with “security”, but Ulo will make you change your mind. And, trust us, even the manliest man is going to fall in love with this toy. It’s …

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