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AirBar | Turn Any Computer Screen Into A Touch Screen


Touch screen phones, tablets and all manner of other gadgets have taken over the world but computers have stayed pretty much the same. Sure, they have their purpose but let’s face it, they’re bland. But now, with the AirBar, all of that is about to change. The AirBar, simply put, is a device that clips …

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All GoPro fans out there have much to be happy about as the new GoPro HERO+ LCD has been released. The GoPro HERO+ LCD is based on the Hero model, is the new entry level camera and it offers so much that the “entry level” label is pretty much unnecessary. The most obvious, and best, addition is the LCD touchscreen …

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If you simply can’t get your fingers off the screen of your favorite mobile device but never seem to have a pair of comfy touchscreen gloves close at hand for those dire tapping needs in the most freezing of wintertime moments, we have just the right piece of good news for you right here: with …

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Ever tried to handle your iPad or similar touch-capacitive screen with gloves on? If you have, then you know how tough a task that can be – and if you haven’t, take our piece of advice: don’t go there. Well, with the Milwaukee Inkzall Stylus Marker, you no longer have to fumble around with your …

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