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Timbuk2 | Navigator Duffel Bag


Timbuk2, based in San Francisco, has been a leader in backpacks, packs, and messenger bags for the last 27 years. They are well-known for their outstanding quality and craftsmanship, as well as, their functionality. Speaking about functionality, the Timbuk2 Navigator Duffel does not disappoint. At first glance, the Navigator simply looks like an ordinary duffel …

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Flak Sack | The Thief-Proof Drawstring Tote Bag


Many of us have been a victim of theft and it’s no laughing matter. The pain of losing money, documents and credit cards hardly seems worth the hassle and we certainly can’t all be carrying around locked briefcases with a handcuff tied to the wrist. That’s why the guys at Loctote created the Flak Sack; …

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