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SOG Knives | Sync II Belt Buckle Multitool


We have seen EDC (Everday Carry) tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have also featured quite a few of them here. However, it would seem that there is no end to ingenuity. SOG Knives has long been known for their quality tools, but the Sync II Belt Buckle Multitool truly stands …

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RediTape Pocket Duct Tape


We all know you can fix pretty much anything with duct tape. The problem is when you have an emergency and simply can’t find it or don’t have it with you. Luckily, with the RediTape Pocket Duct Tape that will never happen again. First of all, this is a really high-quality duct tape. It’s very strong, durable and …

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GERBER Multi-Functional Folding Pliers


Lately, as we’re sure that you’ve all seen, we have brought you some great deals from Gear Best – from Panoramic Camera’s to Smartwatches – and, yet, we bring you another mega bargain from their warehouse that should be an EDC for every man. We present, the GERBER Multifunctional Folding Pliers. GERBER has long been …

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Wishbone Wrench By Screwpop | A Key-Size Multi-tool


Multi-tools are usually cumbersome and difficult to use but we all need them. You never know when you might end up with a car problem, a nut that needs tightening or need to replace a screw in an emergency. Luckily, the minds at Screwpop came up with the perfect idea and the Wishbone Wrench was …

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WRENCHit | Bicycle Multi-Tool


WRENCHit is not a typical spanner but an improved one that has interchangeable wrenches. It’s currently being funded on Kickstarter and exceeded its goal more than twelve times. You can use it for nuts or bolts on bikes, furniture, household appliances and other gadgets. Pre-order from Kickstarter here.  This utility tool is multifunctional and allows you to select and interchange different …

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Drill For Special Operations | By NEMO


Every home needs a proper toolbox, and every man wants his tools to be reliable, of course. You don’t want to buy new tools over and over again just because they can’t withstand hard work. With this Special Ops Drill by NEMO, you won’t have to worry about that ever again. This Nemo Drill was …

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