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Hardcore Hardware CTT-01 Tactical Tomahawk


If there is anything that every camper, outdoorsman and survivalist can agree on, it’s the fact that a well-built tomahawk is an exceptionally versatile tool. It’s small enough to transport easily, versatile enough to cut, chop, slice and pierce, and they tend to be durable. Well, if you were looking for an awesome tomahawk then …

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Timahawk | Multitool Survival Axe


We all know that if there is one necessity that you absolutely need for camping or in your bug out bag, it’s an axe. Be it that you are simply going on a camping trip, or that you simply need a decent axe for these winter months, we have just what you need. It’s not …

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G. Patton Tomahawk | Customized 6×6 Jeep Wrangler

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We are all familiar with the roaring off-road vehicles that Jeep has produced over the years. Well, Chinese manufacturer, G Patton, revealed their latest customized version of the Wrangler called the G Patton Tomahawk earlier this month at the Chengdu Motor Show. Based largely on the Wrangler Unlimited, the Tomahawk features a new rear section. …

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Premium SOG Tactical Tomahawk | With Diamond Sharpener


When you’re out camping, or even just a collector, it’s always good to have a collection of cutting tools at your disposal such as proper knives and, on the other end of the spectrum, tomahawks. Tomahawks can serve a thousand different uses and when we come across a tomahawk like the SOG Tactical Tomahawk, we …

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