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Timex + Red Wing Shoe Leather Chronograph Watch


We’re happy to present a great collaboration between Timex and shoemakers Red Wing. When they created their first watch together, it was sold out in the matter of days. However, it could be purchased just in Japan but now, thanks to Todd Snyder, the Leather Chronograph Watch can be found in the USA as well. The …

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Timex Aviator Fly-Back Chronograph


When it comes to watches, Timex is a common name. Their latest, the Timex Aviator Chronograph definitely stands as a testament to quality and style. A combination of timeless design and innovative thinking, the Timex Chronograph will never let you miss a second. The case itself is constructed out of stainless steel and features a classic …

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Timex Camper Watch


Timex is a company that makes many different types of watches. Among them are some brilliant ones perfect for outdoor activities and the Timex Camper Watch is one of them. This timeless watch is comfortable, practical and very affordable. With the classic and simple military-inspired design, Timex Camper Watch didn’t change much for the last hundred years. What they …

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Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker


Timex released a new cool looking, stylish watch that also serves as an activity tracker. Besides telling the time, this watch will track your steps, distance and calories burned. Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker is made of brass and you can get it in both polished silver and matte black. This watch doesn’t have a complicated display but …

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Ok, we all know it – when you want to buy a decent watch that both looks good, promises years’ long service and also packs a handful of practical features, you’d better shop around, compare the prices and pick the most functional one that fits in your budget. Also, any genuine timepiece connoisseur will advise …

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