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Edgeland House | Modern Re‐interpretation Of The Native American Pit House

Created by Bercy Chen Studio and located on a rehabilitated brownfield site, the Edgeland House is where modern meets the past. The house was inspired by the Native American pit house, one of the oldest types of house structure in North America. What’s characteristic for this type of building is that it’s built into the ground. The purpose was to …

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Hotel Emma In San Antonio Texas

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Hotel Emma is one more brilliant example of interior design that balances historical with the modern. Located in San Antonio, this authentic building used to be a brewhouse but is now turned into a hotel with 146 luxury rooms. Roman and Williams design firm transformed the 19th-century building’s industrial interior into a unique place where …

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If you are in need of accommodation in Marfa, Texas, and would also enjoy a bit of peace and quiet time filled with wonderful conversations and laid back art, El Cosmico is by far the best option for you. It is essentially several renovated campers offering a relaxed accommodation. Apart from choosing campers, you can …

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