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Tentsile Flite Tree Tent | The Perfect Tent For Hiking


There is no doubt that camping is fun but with an ordinary tent, there are a variety of things and situations that can mar your experience. Things like bugs, muddy ground caused by rain during the night or, possibly, wildlife that can harm you. Luckily, Tentsile has long been known for their interesting and innovative …

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TreePod Suspended Camper Tent

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We all know that camping is an awesome experience. You relieve stress while you’re in nature, and the benefits are vast. But there are a few problems that comes hand-in-hand with camping, and there are a few solutions to this problem, but this one is unique. Introducing the TreePod Suspended Camper. The problem that we …

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Mobed | The Motorcycle Mounted Tent

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Some time ago, we showed you a new way to camp, with the Overland Rooftop Tent. However, why stop at cars, why not bikes as well? Well, that’s the idea behind the Mobed Motorcycle Mounted Tent. For some of us, traveling on a motorcycle is preferable to traveling with a car. There’s just something about a …

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Tuff Stuff Overland | A Rooftop Camping Tent With Annex Room


Earlier we showcased an interesting new rooftop tent idea. However, this time around, we feature something similar but with added features. So, if you were looking to hit the road, without the hassle of actually having to set up your tent the conventional way, then the Tuff Stuff Overland is exactly what you need! The …

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KampRite Double TentCot | An Elevated Double Tent


Earlier last week, we mentioned a unique sleeping bag from the Land Down Under. This time around, we are bringing you something with just as much uniquity. Introducing the KampRite Double TentCot. The KampRite is unique in the fact that it functions much like the Australian ‘Swag’, but it is also elevated off the ground. …

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Feather-Lite | Rooftop Car Tent | By Front Runner


We all know that camping is awesome. However, setting up a tent, no so much. Thanks to Front Runner that is no longer an issue with their Feather-Lite Rooftop Car Tent. Essentially, the Feather-Lite is a two-man tent that is extremely easy to use. It is a definite must have camping accessory. It is extremely …

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Kodiak Canvas | Canvas Swag Tent W/ Sleeping Pad


A couple of years ago, on a journey through Australia, we came across an interesting invention. That invention was called a “Swag”, by the Aussies. It was, without a doubt, one of the most comfortable camping experiences we have ever had. Luckily for us, we found one on Amazon and it’s called the Kodiak Canvas …

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The Autonomous Tent | By Harry Gesner


Many of us have had that burning archaic desire to simply leave our jobs and return to the wild. Living completely off the grid, and this can be seen in the rise of modding vans for permanent road trips and a variety of other methods. However, few of us want to give up the luxuries …

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The Sierra Shack Tent | By Alite Designs


Pitching a tent can be very exhausting, especially if you arrive to the location tired and that’s the last thing on your mind. Alite Designs created a Sierra Shack Tent that’s super easy to set up, thanks to its pop-up design. The Sierra Shack Tent uses just one pole, in order to stabilize the tent. Basically, …

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