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Hardcore Hardware CTT-01 Tactical Tomahawk


If there is anything that every camper, outdoorsman and survivalist can agree on, it’s the fact that a well-built tomahawk is an exceptionally versatile tool. It’s small enough to transport easily, versatile enough to cut, chop, slice and pierce, and they tend to be durable. Well, if you were looking for an awesome tomahawk then …

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Tactical Christmas Stocking With Molle Gear


Everybody has a hardcore tactical enthusiast in the family. As is the case with tactical lovers, ordinary items simply don’t cut it for them. Ordinary people enjoy a normal Christmas stocking over the fireplace, but the survivalist in the family would want something different. Now, thanks to Ruckup, you can get the enthusiast in your …

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Smittybilt Foldable Shovel | Recovery Utility Tool For Cutting And Digging


Smittybilt Foldable Shovel is a military inspired Recovery Utility Tool (RUT). On the one hand, this compact shovel is very practical and on the other, rugged enough for the toughest jobs. First things first, let’s start with the edges. With two serrated edges, you can use it both for cutting and digging. The blade is made …

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