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Microsoft’s Surface Studio Is Designed For The Creative Process


With the progression of our computational abilities, we are seeing more powerful machines that allow us to create on a completely different level. Well, Microsoft’s Surface Studio gives you a brilliant platform to create on. The Surface Studio is aimed directly at artists, designers and all those that have creative pursuits in mind. In addition …

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Teclast X80 Pro | A 64-Bit Quad Core 8-Inch Tablet


We are all familiar with some of the great products that Teclast has brought us. With a niche for electronic goods, they excel in bringing us affordable phablets, tablets, PC’s and other electronics that have all the features and functions that we need. The same can be said for the Teclast X80 Pro Tablet with …

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Onda V919 Air Tablet | A Dual OS Tablet With 4K Support


Finding a tablet that has a large screen that also has full HD resolution with 4K support is, in many ways, a rarity. Not to mention the uniquity and flexibility that comes from a tablet that has the ability to dual boot both into Windows 10 and into Android 4.4. Well, that is exactly what the …

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Cube Iwork 8 Ultimate Tablet | Limited Duration Sale


When it comes to deciding on which tablet to buy, there are a variety of specifications that need to be taken into mind. Firstly, is it the optimum size for what you need? Does it have a powerful processor? Does it have a good screen? Is the pricing reasonable? Well, after much research, we found …

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Vido T99 | 7 Inch WCDMA Phablet With Android 5.1


Smartphones, as everyone already knows, is a necessity that we need in our daily lives. From making calls to texting and everything in between, we need to stay connected. However, most of the smartphones today suffer from one major drawback when you want to watch movies or play games and that drawback is a small …

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Onda V919 Air Tablet | A Tablet That Has A Dual OS


When looking for a tablet, there are a few things that are a necessity. It needs to be large but not overly so, needs a good screen resolution, needs to have a potent processor and needs to have a good user interface. Luckily for us, the Onda V919 9.7-inch tablet delivers all of these into …

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Teclast X89 Kindow | A Dual OS Tablet


When it comes to smartphones, phones like the Ulefone Future and Samsung S7 feature incredible processing power and graphics for a mobile device but they are marred by one quality, limited screen size. With the advent of eBooks and sites like Amazon (who have a selection of over 5.5 million eBooks), tablets have become a …

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Tablet Shoulder Holster | By Carter

From $87.50|

If you need to carry your tablet to work or just like to have it around wherever you go, you know how inconvenient it can become dragging it around in bags. Since it’s bigger than a cell phone and can’t fit into your pocket, and it’s kind of too small and annoying to carry it …

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LapPad | Mobile Workstation For Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets


One of the great things about laptops, apart from their compact size, is their flexibility and portability. You can work on a laptop from home, out of the office, at a different desk, in public transportation, outdoors, at a coffee shop… Wherever you are, your laptop follows. The only annoying thing is when you have …

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Taking a tablet with you on your trips is a great thing because you have a cool smart device to help you along the way, but what to do when it becomes too difficult to avoid damaging your tablet? You could put a protective cover over it but those things can do only so much. …

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