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LapPad V2 Portable Laptop Table


Functional, stylish and professional is what comes to mind with the latest LapPad V2 Portable Desk. Proudly made in Canada, you can be sure to expect a product that is not only built for sustainability but with uniquity and a supreme level of quality as well. Manufactured only from the best Canadian-manufactured Poplar, the LapPad …

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Twelve South ParcSlope | Hybrid Laptop Stand And Tablet Desktop Wedge


Earlier this year, Twelve South released ParcSlope, a stand for Apple MacBook and iPad Pro. It’s ideal for both since it elevates them to a 18-degree angle, which is very comfortable for typing, drawing and sketching. You can use ParcSlope to make yourself a workstation that has the perfect height.  It’s a one piece stand made from aluminum …

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Coolbox Toolbox might look just like a common toolbox, but it is greatly improved, therefore it is absolutely different. While featuring everything a usual toolbox does, it has many amazing additions, which make it look truly futuristic. This storage has all the compartments that can be found in an ordinary storage; however this is not …

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If you are an avid user of iPads, tablets and e-readers, wouldn’t you be interested in knowing which tablet stand was voted “the best tablet stand ever”? After all, stands are an incredibly practical addition if you are using your tablet in bed, on your favourite chair or a sofa or while watching TV. So, …

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